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Introduced an innovative thought of crowd-sourcing collections to prescribed, consumer preferred trends.

Seed Concept.

An initiative to solve for ‘on-trend’ selection on the platform through crowd-sourcing. A funnel of sharing trend intelligence was built to empower sellers to “be season right”. Deriving fresh ideas that were based on:

• Performance data science

• Customer attribute preferences and

• Fashion forecast analysis.

This was then ear-marked to the marketing calendar allowing stakeholders to have foresight into the new season’s merchandise. The approach was designed for the platform to be in better control of the narrative. This process provided an ability to forecast, pre-empt and hence proactively plan ahead.

Active process.

Adoption Success.

The prescriptive guidance enabled a true-to-trend output from seller partners and ultimately freshness to the end-customer.

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- Taking control of the narrative -

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